Compatibility License and Logo

Two Light City compatibility logos are presented here.  If you create something for Light City, please feel free to use one or both of them!  (There are some "rules" in between them in broken legalese.)

One of the things that's so great about this hobby of ours is seeing ideas from different individuals bounce off of each other to make something even better.  And really, what background is better for letting disparate ideas intermingle than a superhero multiverse?  We really hope you'll enjoy playing in the sandbox!

1.  The Light City Multiverse logo may be used freely on any work that contributes to our ability to pretend like we’re superheroes using the Swords & Wizardry Light ruleset.  You can also use it on other stuff, but this is probably where it makes the most sense.
2.  Use of this logo does not indicate that you relinquish ownership of any of your own physical or intellectual property.  Similarly, making this logo available for use does not indicate that we relinquish ownership of any of our own physical or intellectual property.
3.  While not a requirement, if you do use the logo (or make anything of interest to Light City), we’d love to be notified at lightcityrpg at gmail dot com.
4.  Light City is a big, multiversal sandbox with room for a lot of people to play.  We reserve the right to ask you not to use this logo anymore if you’re not playing nice.
5.  As you’ve probably guessed, the writer of this license not a lawyer, so we’ll just make a final general statement that we reserve the right to change this license and the logo itself.  If for some reason that has legal ramifications, we’ll all figure it out at the time.